Whether we’re creating a new pathway for a brand to distinguish itself from the clutter and create a new competitive landscape, we help brands identify demand areas and find a niche so that the brand can stand out as a unique one and gain positions through professional services.


  • Firm Name with tagline

    The landscapes around us are competitive and challenging, picking up the right name with a tagline which can create enough buzz is important. Our branding experts will pick the name which can connect with the work profile of the organization to the global market.

  • Logo Design

    Every professional organization’s growth depends on it’s branding and the key factor in branding in the logo. It may look so simple but logo is a very important and integral component. An organization’s logo creates the best impression, a unique space, showcases professionalism, build trust, connects the team emotionally and crafts a bigger platform for community outreach.

    Our passionate graphic designing team would help in creating the best of creative logo.

  • Merchandise Material

    The journey from an industry/manufacturer/service provider to the end user is an interesting and important one. Product merchandizing is increasingly important with creative strategy in digitized world will boost the sales and bring financial stability to any organizations. Our process team will work with marketing team of an organization in improvising the merchandise material that will help showcase your product through the window of the global market.

  • Brochures, Ads, etc.

    Marketing in today’s digital world has changed and it is very challenging to implement a particular strategy that would suit the organization and find the best way to reach out to the end user. Be it traditional advertisement like Business cards, TV and radio ads, flyers and brochures, billboards, etc. or modern advertisement Emailers, Internet ads on search engines, YouTube, E-Commerce sites, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram our team would design the best of creatives to promote your organization locally or build a worldwide brand recognition.

Brand Strategy

Listing out the work we do in bullet form will not be enough. Brands need an understanding of core work area and a detailed outline of the same.

The more detailed explanation of your brand strategy will make your brand more easily understandable to the end user and will create a lasting impression from day one. It will also help you execute the strategies planned in more simplified manner.

You need to define them with a specific goal and target oriented;

  • What is your brand’s aims and objective?
  • Who are your end users?
  • How does your brand sustain for a long term?

Answers for these questions will help you plan strategies in achieving your goals and know on how you approach the end user. It will also add on to your success and meeting the targets.

Our team would help you understand, simplify your strategy and keep you focused on execution of the strategy.

Pricing Strategy

With clutter of competitive firms around us shifting from cost where financial stability is of high priority and the right pricing will create a bigger impact on the balance sheets. Our financial experts would focus on unlocking the accounting strategies with a right set of capabilities and management convictions by develop effective pricing and sustaining benefits.

Our approach on pricing is a combination on the present economic strategies supported by scientific research. Our team works on pricing the product by understanding the emotional connection of the end user with the product.

Customer Satisfaction

What do we mean by customer satisfaction” How does it play an important role in the growth of an organization?

Customer satisfaction is a balanced measurement on how much the end users connect emotionally with the organization’s brand. It is influenced by quality of the product, its value, expectation the end user has on the product, handling after sales service and the most important aspect being communication – how well you communicate in short with clarity.

Every brand, though it has a market value and the best visibility has to have a consistent approach to keep the end user satisfied. Organizations need to clearly understand who their end user is, what their expectation is and how this expectation is achieved.

Our team of experts work with your organization to define the best possible process to get a balanced measure of customer satisfaction and check the loyalty towards your product.

We take it further by interpreting the results with a pre-defined or customer defined process system and help optimize the performance thereby enhancing the growth of the organization.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Your end users come back to you with suggestions, recommendation and at times with frustrations. How do you react to them? Team Fourflow with experts at the backhand will be able to ascertain the facts in the feedback and act accordingly to what congregates the expectations of end users.

Our team works on connecting the set of feedback coming in from various sources, collating critical frustrated reviews, live chats, call centre data, complaints and information on social media making it available in simplest language to help the organization understand the end user’s pulse.

Our scientifically proven approach comprehends the feedback and categorizes them according to the issues faced by the end user.

Our reporting system helps your team to understand the categorized issues present and previous by highlighting the important aspects of the feedback without missing out the micro details thus providing end-to-end encrypted solutions.

Growth Strategies

How well your new start up would fit in the existing global market and what are the chances of the best profitability potential? To get an insight to your vision, our team would collaborate with your management team and answer all the queries related to the growth.

With the data available our team would present key variables that would be the deciding factor to refine the business concepts and due diligence plans. Our team would study the economic conditions prior to launching a new venture or a new product. The due diligence is our top priority.

Our Insights

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All new branding techniques

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Dost Alladin

Dost Alladin is a young passionate individual. His love for understanding new aged business models and ongoing experiences with SaaS based companies has established him with extensive knowledge in terms of agile business functions. He loves working with startups and contributing ideas for growth.

He is currently pursuing his masters from University of Exeter. He plans on expanding his knowledge in the finance field and is planning to set a foot in the Fintech world.

Dr. Khalid Samadi

Dr Khalid Samadi is a self-motivated, young and energetic individual, who after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery did his MBA in Human Resources from Holborn College London.

Since 2001 he has been being involved at various levels of management in different medical colleges and universities. A confident and competent individual who actively seeks challenges and generally accomplishes them well within the deadline. He has worked in cross-cultural environments with multi-ethnic and multinational workforces.

He has worked extensively for health and educational institutions in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and India. Standards and specification were key focus of his job description. He has been involved in setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures for staff, management and students. He possesses excellent technical skills, interpersonal and organizational skills with vast experience in Quality Assurance in Health and Educational Sector having worked with different Accrediting Bodies like ASIC, QAA & CAA both in United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates Dental Council of India, Medical Council of India, Nursing Council of India and various state level Pollution boards. He has gained an enviable knowledge of the Quality Assurance procedures that are so important in any Health and Educational Institutions.

He has also been working in area of Bio-Medical Waste Segregation and Disposal since 2001. He is an active member of U.P. Hospital and Health Administration Reforms Society. He also presented a paper at – National Seminar on “Environmental Imbalances Hazards and our Role” held at Lucknow in 2004 organized by Department of Chemistry, BBDNITM and Lucknow.

He has been a guest lecturer at various institutes in UK, UAE and India like Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing Delhi, Jamia Hamdard Delhi, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow, Royal University College UAE, and Kensington College of Business, London.

A keen Photographer having interest in landscape photography, loves Dramatics having directed four plays and won first prize in all at University cultural festival and an avid reader who loves reading History, Geopolitics and Philosophy books.

Fawwaz Alladin

Fawwaz Alladin is a striving individual with experience in E-Commerce and social media. Fawwaz is well experienced with the digitalization of businesses and the strategies to have an online presence. Fawwaz has worked with various start-ups and young businesses in areas such as brand development, social media marketing and content creation.

Sadia Alladin

An enthusiastic and energetic individual, with a passion to serve the stream of education. Holding 10 years teaching experience as faculty for Cambridge International Schools in Middle East, as a Senior English Language teacher for IGCSE Grade 9 and 10. Experienced in handling various responsibilities as a mentor, coordinator, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, help in language development programmes and a student counsellor and a member of the school discipline committee. Sadia is well familiarized with various classroom strategies to promote active learning, and create an environment that is most conducive to maximizing learning. Highly self-motivated, possesses leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively. Ms Sadia has been working with curriculum development with quite a few leading curriculum development organizations as a freelancer for last 5 years since her relocation to India. She has helped develop lesson plans for Hippocampus Learning Centre CBSE schools, Largest Pre-School Network in Karnataka and Academic Consultant to Telangana Minorities Residential Schools, Telangana. Ms. Sadia is certified TESOL trainer and holds an MBA in Human Resource.

Currently, she is working as a freelance consultant to Telangana Minority Residential Educational Institutional Societies’ 204 schools- leads a team of 30 academic coordinators. Her responsibilities are to ensure high quality of academics to be delivered in all 204 schools, teacher trainings and student performance. She is also a consultant to other reputed schools in Hyderabad such as Glendale International School and Insight International School, helping them design and implement CIE standard curriculum, lesson plans, teacher trainings, ongoing structured assessments, projects and activities which promote active student participation and promotes active learning.